About The Ladies…

Mrs. Amidon (on the right)

Sarah is a Disciple for Jesus Christ in Westfield, Indiana.  She and her husband, Greg, along with their son, Zeke, and tail-wagging companion, Miller, recently moved from Chicago to Indianapolis in Summer 2014. Over the last ten years, Sarah has been involved in many great character building organizations, companies and groups. Most currently, you will find Sarah working with Traffick Free, a non profit organization that is fighting to end human trafficking and slavery starting within Chicago. Spend any amount of time with Sarah and you will understand that her passion for Christ, her husband, her family and her friends is unmatched among many women. Her personality will encourage you to become a better wife, mother, daughter and friend. You could find Sarah on Sundays at the Lincoln Square Missio Dei, but is now in search of a new church in her new community. Sarah enjoys being a stay at home mommy, drinking tea, playing volleyball, guitar & singing, traveling, cooking, movies, knitting and yoga.

Mrs. Arentson (on the left)

Amy is a Disciple for Jesus Christ in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri. She and her husband, Pete, daughters Elaine (Laney Bug!) and Eliza (Liza Loo!) and K-9 crazies Annie and Maui moved to Missouri from Chicago in May 2012 while Laney was just 1 month old to start the next chapter of their lives together as a family of 5. Amy is currently a stay at home mom that is trying to get involved in the city of Saint Charles. She is a fantabulous hair stylist for The Bee’s Knees who has volunteered at YESS Iowa, donating haircuts to kids and families who just needed a friend in a difficult time in their lives. Amy’s friends & family would say that she has a heart full of conviction to know Jesus more deeply and passionately and this pours over and blesses those around her through her kindness, generosity and love. She enjoys learning and strives to relate to others with her compassion and servitude while sharing her heart and experiences with an honesty and transparency that can only come from a God that loves us. Amy will never cease praising God in all circumstances as He makes all things new. She is involved in the community and at Calvary Church in Saint Charles. Amy enjoys drinking tea, water skiing (she’s a champion in Iowa!), playing volleyball, being crafty, thrifting, cooking and laughing with her daughters.

Why This Blog?

Amy & Sarah were introduced in October of 2011 through our wonderful spouses who met at the Missio Dei Men’s Retreat. They both described our enjoyment of playing volleyball and that we are both really tall (Amy is 5’11” and Sarah is 6’0″). We had no idea what a divine appointment this was as our friendship has grown over the last 3 years, both blessing & challenging us. Obviously we adore a good cup of tea and we thought that starting this blog would be a great way to stay connected even though we now live 5 hours apart. We hope you are as blessed & challenged by the sharing of our hearts, recipes and experiences as we are with each other.


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