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Get some Garlic!


Soymilk ~ Silk Light Chocolate Soymilk

So on my Mastitis journey I stumbled upon the true POWER of Garlic. I think this other website says it best so I’m just sending you to them.

Learn more: The Power of Garlic

In short eat 2-7 cloves ( some can be cooked but raw is better) per day and you will notice increasing health benifits. I chop it up in to pill like sizes and take it with orange juice.


Pulled Pork

1/2c Apple cider vinegar
2c Chicken broth
Season your pork loin ( I use Butt Rub)

Cook 6 hours. I’m sure you could do less. I go back and use 2 forks to “pull” the pork apart about every hour to ensure tenderness.

We eat this on regular Aldi’s bread (whatever kind I pick up, Oat Bread or Whole Wheat) we butter one side and sprinkle garlic salt on it. Put the pulled pork smothered in whatever you choose or naked in between the bread and Yahtzee. I prefer Cookies Wing Sauce and Ranch where Pete like BBQ. Enjoy!



~Orange Juice


My right breast just kept hurting, it didn’t matter how Eliza was latching on it always hurt. Then like sudden accident my breast started to hurt so badly I couldn’t move. I was crying in agony because nothing I did helped. I had tried massage, heat therapy, mineral and salt therapy, warm bath, cool therapy, pumping a lot, breastfeeding as often as possible, Tylenol, Advil, lanolin, vitamin E oil, and rest. It was apparent to me that I had an issue. I had had a clogged duct before and my breast tissue felt so different this time. I called in my reinforcement, my OBGYN. Over the phone she diagnosed that I had mastitis and potentially a breast yeast infection. She kindly sent some medication to my local CVS and I started a medicinal regiment immediately. The pain took 4 days to become tolerable and 3 weeks to disappear. So, all this to say. you can try any of the methods I did, if none of those work most likely you have an infection inside your breast. The biggest indicator besides the pain for me was my milk production was WAY down. I generally exclusively pump but for 3 weeks I was attempting to exclusively breastfeed. It went really well until I got my infection. Here is my suggestion if you are a breastfeeding or exclusive pumping mother.

First and foremost, Ladies it is so important to know your body. Feel your breasts every time you feed your baby, massage the milk down toward the nipple before you latch on and while the baby is latched on. Not only will this prevent any sort of clogged duct from occurring but you will be more confident when something is wrong.

Fenugreek is a natural supplement you can find at GNC I take 3 pills 2 times a day, Breakfast and Dinner. It helps your milk supply.

Beer, Budwiser has 8oz cans now they are so cute. Beer will help your milk supply, if you have one a night it’s not going to hurt your baby or get them addicted to beer.
Non Alcoholic beer will have the same affect, something scientific about what the barley creates stimulates your milk supply. And from everything I’ve ever read, the alcohol will leave your milk supply the same time it leaves your bloodstream.

Heat therapy is such a great way to assist your breasts to “let down” your milk. Just place a warm compress on your breasts after massaging them and either latch on baby or start to pump. I like to use this product it is also compatible to do Cold therapy.

Cold Therapy should take place after you have finished breastfeeding and/or pumping. It will remove swelling from a sore breast and help the breast heal.

Advil/Tylenol will help with pain and swelling don’t over dose. Read the labels carefully but you can “double up” or take them both so the Advil would be taken and a few hours later you could take the Tylenol. That way you would always have a pain reliever.

Lanolin/ Vitamin E Oil what ever you like to use for moisturizer on your nipple is your preference but use SOMETHING!!! Dry cracked sore or bleeding nipples are no fun so just do yourself a favor and don’t assume you are super boobie mom, just put it on after you feed or pump for good measure.

These men and women are HIGHLY trained and educated as far as breast health goes. Your knowledge and understanding of what to do to keep your breast heathy is really important to them. They are always willing to answer any questions, call you back or have you in for a visit to really talk about what challenges you are having.

You are NOT alone. You have resources. You have a cure. Please try natural health first and if you are in pain consult a professional because breast infections are serious and dangerous if it goes untreated.

Last thing I was going to say is that it isn’t your fault that this happens, sometime there are natural factors like sweat and heat that cause problems. Don’t be discouraged or defeated when it comes to using your body to feed your child. Keep pumping, keep latching, it will get better and you will once again enjoy feeding your darling child. I got through it and I am so glad I powered through all the pain.

Amy Girl