Miss Eliza

tea ~ Black Currant

Although 7 weeks early Miss Eliza Grace Arentson was born May 23. Besides minor suck swallow breathe immaturities she was a giant premie. Weighing in at 5#14oz this little white girl was not wimpy. White male babies in the NICU are generally referred to as the Wimpy White boys because they generally have a more difficult time. Eliza had a 2 week stay in NICU that really helped her from a health stand point. She needed some time to sunbathe to help remove her jaundice. She responded really well. She went from gavaging all of her feedings to starting and finishing all of them on her own. After gaining some weight and proving to eat well they told us it was time to go home.
My recovery from natural birth #2 went really well. The bonding to baby #2 didn’t come as easy. I really believe that it has a lot to do with not breastfeeding her. I exclusively pumped until 5 days ago when I offered to breastfeed and she latched like a champ. Maybe my persistence to get her to latch and patience through the pain of a bad latch here and there helped to but I now will advocate not only the importance of that first milk but just the bonding that comes through touch with your baby. I still offer a few bottles of breastmilk during the day but she is doing really well with her feeding.
Coming home to a toddler not a baby was a shock. Elaine my firstborn turned in to a toddler overnight I swear. She really started to explore her world inside our home. Maybe the drugs I was on to stay pregnant fogged my memory, I think not. I think she really grew up in the 2 weeks I was at the hospital. Coming home to Eliane’s new curiosity meant more baby proofing. If you don’t have a space where you can contain your child to only the area you have eyes on, I totally recommend taking all saftey measures possible. My favorite saftey features of our home include the gas stove knob covers, Auto-close gates at the top and bottom of our main stairs, cabinet latches, and doorknob anti-easy turn knob covers. Each product has prevented many accidents.
I was always thinking that the outlet covers would be the biggest help, Laney can take them out of the plugs so I consider them a wash, I don’t pick that as my battle because she doesn’t stick things in them or around them. If anything the covers attracted her to play with them more. But once she has gotten the covers off she runs off to do whatever else she’s going to do.
Elaine and Eliza are really starting to bond as Eliza started smiling in the last 2 weeks. I think sitting Liza up in the bumbo so she can watch Laney play helps too.
Even though it’s August and the kids around here have started school and left for college it still feels like summer to me. Something about it being ninety degrees out doesn’t make Fall come and swoop in quickly. I’m starting to wonder what our winter will look like being trapped in a house with two curious little girls. I’m sure the Pinterest will have more than enough activities for me to reference if we get bored.
Well, that’s all from me on a baby stand point and a kinda where I am with the girls in general. I hope to get up and running as far as blogging more frequently here soon. It was nice to take the summer off.
If you want to pray for our family pray that we would continue to have abundant amounts of patience and energy. That my State of Missouri Cosmetology license would get issued and approved. That Elaine and Eliza would know Jesus when they grow up. That God would use our family to provide a hospitable place a launching pad for those who need to know love. That he would show us what his plan is for our adoption future. And that this fall our BBT, CBS, GG and Marriage groups would all grow us and stretch us in ways only God knows we need in order to mature to gain confidence in sharing the Gospel Message.


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About Amy Arentson

I am a a disciple of Jesus Christ, Wife to Peter, Mother to Elaine, Daughter of Marc and Julie (Bruce and Joanne), Sister to Susan (Emily & Dave, Michael), Dog Owner of Maui and Annie. I have been a licensed Cosmetologist since November 2007. We currently live in Saint Peters, Missouri. We attend Calvary Church in Saint Charles.

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