“To the dearest idol I have known,
Whate’er that idol be,
Help me to tear it from thy throne,
And worship only thee.”
~William Cowper, 18th century lyrics for “O For a Closer Walk with God”

“How easily idols can enter our lives and how long they will stay,
Until we humbly open our hands or they are ripped away.”
~ Sarah Amidon

Been pondering the power we give idols (things and people we substitute for God…and often spend our time doing) and the shapes and sizes they come in:  careers (or desire to have one), sports, our spouses (or desire to have one), our children (or desiring them), drug or alcohol abuse. It can be anything. What’s yours today?


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  1. Wick

    probably “self” more than any other. Constantly learning how to let that one go….to pound it into dust, and force the Israelites to drink it with their water. 🙂

    1. Sarah Amidon Post author

      Yeah, “self” is really the root of all of the others, isn’t it? I’ve been thinking a lot about pride lately and how it feels like the fundamental sin that leads to the others…it all seems to start with selfishness or viewing one’s self as higher or more righteous than others. What do you think of that?

      1. Wick

        When God had placed us in the Garden, it was with a given order – His. The traditional “7 Deadly Sins” are helpful for this conversation. The root of us eating the fruit wasn’t a desire for pleasure (lust), or laziness (sloth), or hunger (gluttony), or wanting a larger supply of fruit (greed), or anger against God (wrath), or because others were able to eat it (envy)….it basically comes down to us saying “God said this…but I think this…..” Putting our self-thoughts above what has been revealed (Pride)…certainly seems like it could be a root cause of many others.

        Put another way: Lust is my prideful passions above God’s revealed way. Gluttony is putting my prideful appetite above the needs of others. Greed is my prideful desire for “stuff” above God’s command not to store up treasures on earth. Sloth is my prideful desire to not act even when God is calling me forward. Wrath is my prideful desire to be in charge of vengeance, even when God has already claimed Lordship over it. Envy is my prideful discontent over my situation, not trusting God for my “enough”.

        So it seems, some of the best ways we can exercise/grow/mature in our faith – would be activities and lifestyles that require practicing the letting go of “self”. Of course, even that would emphasize how good I AM at growing my faith….hehe. So we should probably just admit we’re fallen, and follow Him…

  2. marishkka

    Ooh those pesky idols! They can be sneaky and understated and pop out at times and in ways we do not expect. Dee Brestin wrote Idol Lies where she helps identify some subtle idols we often don’t recognize. (Moody Radio’s Midday Connection has her podcasts). I struggle with being right. I struggle with intellectualism and seeking the approval and advice if others over God. I’m sure there are more lurking about!

  3. marishkka

    I have a few idols on the surface and more waiting underneath… I struggle with needing to be right: I don’t need to be first or have my way, but I want to be right in the end.


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