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Interview on Moody Radio

Good evening readers!

Please tune in to Moody Radio here to listen to an online interview I did with them. I’ll be talking about Traffick Free‘s role in ending human trafficking in Chicagoland. I would love your support and any feedback you have!


“To the dearest idol I have known,
Whate’er that idol be,
Help me to tear it from thy throne,
And worship only thee.”
~William Cowper, 18th century lyrics for “O For a Closer Walk with God”

“How easily idols can enter our lives and how long they will stay,
Until we humbly open our hands or they are ripped away.”
~ Sarah Amidon

Been pondering the power we give idols (things and people we substitute for God…and often spend our time doing) and the shapes and sizes they come in:  careers (or desire to have one), sports, our spouses (or desire to have one), our children (or desiring them), drug or alcohol abuse. It can be anything. What’s yours today?

Realities of the Super Bowl

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NEW ORLEANS, LA (KTVI) – Sex trafficking is right under your nose.  We`re about to show you why you might walk right by it without noticing.  Investigator Chris Hayes traveled to New Orleans with a team of volunteers looking to rescue sex slaves.  

A group of regular citizens travel to each Superbowl to investigate the dark side of sports tourism.  They are finding young girls, some who were reported missing.  They focus on Superbowls because that`s where men are buying little kids.

More on this story: Author Describes Super Bowl Sex Rescue

Brad Dennis called New Orleans combination of football and Mardi Gras, “The perfect storm. You have all of these elements come together.  That`s just going to drive the demand.”

Dennis is the search director for Klaas Kids. He came to New Orleans to rescue girls.  He said, “2,200 children are reported missing every day in…

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