Kindle Love…and Goals…


Tea ~ Citrus Soother

This is all I’m going to say. I just got a Kindle and it cost $69+ tax and I am not a reader. Every year now I am setting goals before the new year for things I want to accomplish… Here is my 2013 Goals list..

  1. Pray with Pete and Elaine regularly not just at meals and at bedtime
  2. Participate in F2F (Women’s Bible study at our church)
  3. Live my life with the purpose that Jesus has asked me to, continue to define that
  4. Help out Financially with paying off our van
  5. Visit Franklin at least 2 times
  6. Pray for Baby A#2
  7. Buy a House
  8. Read 6 books
  9. Volunteer as a family 1 day a month
  10. Keep cooking new things
  11. Challenge others and myself in the way of the Lord

So, I got a Kindle hoping I would exceed my 6 book goal and also that it would encourage me to do something for myself.  Also, when making goals I try to make a list that is realistic for me.  For instance I thought 2 months for 1 book was an adequate amount of time to get one read. I encourage you to set goals for yourself and review them at least once a month. Consider it a to do list instead of a wish list. After all, they say people who set goals for themselves are more likely to achieve them. 😉


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