Scrambled Eggs with Feta and Spinach

Tea ~ Herbal Spa

Ever want to use some ingredients you probably have in your fridge for something new and flavorful? I may not be “normal” but I usually have spinach for salads and some feta in my fridge. Eggs are a staple food in my house too so this is a quick and easy yummy breakfast.



2 eggs

1 spoon of Feta ( love using the tomato basil Feta)

a healthy pinch of spinach, if you want smaller pieces feel free to chop the spinach a little but the leaves will wilt.


Using a small fry pan cook and scramble the egg until about 1/2 cooked. Add the feta cheese and the spinach. Continue to cook until eggs are no longer see through (cooked)

Enjoy! My favorite part is when you get a chunk of creamy feta!


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