Running late.. Always?

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Here are a few quick tips to improving your arrival time. The first thing you have to do is tell yourself you ARE going to change your behavior. As a mom or a woman, we are notorious for coming up with any excuse we can to explain why we should be privileged enough to be late and be continuously excused for our tardies. I promise if you arrive early you will be less stressed and you will enjoy your day and your life more. Plus, if you are ready before you need to leave, you could impress your friends, spouse and kids that you have your life together. This isn’t a competition or a status builder for anyone but yourself.

Quick tips.


    1. GROOMING Sit down and think how you want to present yourself daily; if you want to shower and do your hair and makeup, think about how much time you would need if you didn’t want to ever be rushed. I know for that part of my day if I am going to dry and style my hair I need 1.5 hours, I don’t like to be rushed on ME time so if I need to be somewhere I get up early so that I feel presentable.


    1. FAITH Are you in a small group right now that is going through a book? A women’s bible study that is going through some material? How about a daily devotional you do just because? Have you wanted to read and just haven’t made the time. Instead of being rushed to all our to do lists, kids, and work things after your grooming CARVE OUT 5-10 mins to read and pray before you start your day (notice I didn’t say try to, I just said do it!). That way when Monday night rolls around and you are off to small group, you’ve already read your material days ago and you have been praying about it and letting it be on your mind. I suggest not using any screens (NO PHONE, TABLET, COMPUTER or TV on) for your Faith time. It is so good to have your bible that you can write in, your book you can mark up and no distractions. If you have kids, your Grooming and Faith time will work out better before the kids are even awake. Trust me. I know it seems early but then when you “clock in” as mom your time is devoted to your kids and you don’t feel neglected because you have taken time already for yourself.


    1. TEA [COFFEE] BREAKFAST Feel free to enjoy a brew of your favorite TEA over your Faith time but don’t let this consume your minutes with our Father! Your breakfast can wait. Think of it this way, if you only ate one meal a week you would probably die sooner than later. Now think of your one meal as your Sunday service helping of time with your Father. If you aren’t feeding your soul with the good news of the Gospel than you will be frail and starving in everything else you are doing. So try to focus on feeding your soul with the Good News, your Sword, the BIBLE, because I promise if you are feeding the Holy Spirit inside of you, you will not starve physically. Breakfast is the most important part of your day. I start with a minimum of 8 oz of water to rejuvenate my body from its long night of work while I slept. If you close your eyes and focus on your body when you drink that cold water first thing in the morning you can almost feel it reaching to every part of the inside of you. I would encourage you all to drink something warm with breakfast. I of course recommend  TEA but there is also that other thing called coffee if you must. 🙂 By eating some form of food following your drinks you will kick start your metabolism. By not drinking water or eating food before you start working or taking care of other people, you aren’t taking care of yourself #1 and #2 you are telling your body it doesn’t need to turn on yet. Buy not eating you will find your self more tired and less energized. So grab a banana, oatmeal, cliff bar, a single serving of yogurt with a fruit like raspberries or blueberries and watch your body burn calories. Make sure you are watching your serving size as breakfast isn’t suppose to be a heavy meal. I try to make whatever one serving would be and then put the rest away.


    1. NIGHT PREP Before I go to bed I make sure that Laney’s diaper bag is fully packed for the next day. If we are going to be gone at any point for an extended period of time I prep the fridge food too. I usually portion it all out and have it in a bag ready to grab and go, *don’t forget the utensils. I bought a pre-measure container for her formula which I refill every night. I clean out the diaper bag so I always know what is in it. I don’t believe in depending on anyone, so always bring what you need or may need. A fully stocked mom is a prepared mom. Less stress = a little more prep but you will not be scrounging around in the morning and then getting places without extra diapers/outfits/ food.  Same thing with my purse. I go through every pocket throwing trash and eliminating confusion in my purse everynight, it doesn’t take long anymore. Organize things so that when you are out running errands you aren’t wasting time digging around. I try not to carry things I don’t use. By going through my purse everyday I don’t build up my stash of “goodies” in my purse. I remember there would be weeks that would go by when I would run late and my purse was always a mess. Now I know my purse is ready to go if an emergency would arise and I wont be stressed that I don’t have my basic needs in my purse. I invested in some hooks from Ikea for our hall closet so when the diaper bag is loaded, when my purse is clean and loaded I hang them by the door in the same spot so I never lose it and it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. This whole process can take 1 min it can take 15 mins. Just prep everything you can at night so that when you get up you can focus on GROOMING, FAITH, and TEA [COFFEE] BREAKFAST. For those of you with school aged kids:  setting them all down at once around the table with their take-home folders asking them if there are any papers you need to sign or send back is a huge stress reliever. By asking at night and asking all the kids at once, you can have your calender handy and feel like you have all their school paper needs taken care of, you can also add that holiday party you want to go to your calender so that you can adjust other “appointments.” It’s just one more way to eliminate that constant TO DO list item out of your thoughts. Having your spouse sit down with you and the kids, having one Google Calender that syncs to all your devices is a way to stay highly effective as a team of parents. By having electronic schedules you can set reminders and communicate quicker with the whole family. Everyone can see what is on the Family’s calender! Include everyone and get it all out on the table so that when you go to bed it has been talked about. Again this isn’t a once a week thing, it’s a everyday thing, it can take seconds or a few minutes, but I believe it eliminates oodles of stress.


  1. LEAVE TIME vs. BE THERE TIME   I struggle with this one a ton. A good way to start practicing the difference is actually by using GoogleMaps. I add 15 minutes to the drive time Google maps says when calculating what time I need to leave to get somewhere. In general if I have Doctor, Dentist , Eye, Pediatrician, OBGYN, Counseling, Hair, or scheduled appointments with a PROFESSIONAL I add an additional 10 minutes to the Google Maps with my original 15 minutes of added time. Being late for an appointment with a professional is not only inappropriate but it can cause them to run late all day. As a hairdresser I have fired clients, told them they could not make appointments anymore because they abused their appointment times too many times. Some companies will charge you for not showing up or being late can cause you to lose precious time with that particular professional, don’t schedule appointments if you don’t have time. Simply reschedule and try again for a different date. Try to let them know 24-48 hours in advance so then can also fill in your appointment time with any last minute clients. Just because something came up doesn’t make you a bad person, there is always another appointment time. Don’t lie when you call in either. As believers we are called to be truthful. As late running women we can “fib” in order to make ourselves feel better about why we can’t go, this is a dishonest practice that you can eliminate easily. If your day started off late, call the professionals office that you will be visiting and just let them know you will be late so they aren’t waiting for you. Ok, if you are meeting family, friends, small group, or anyone for that matter. Be early to hang out with them. Not only does it show them that you didn’t forget about your time with them but it shows that you want to be there.  Use my simple method of Leave time = google maps estimated drive time+ 15 minutes of whoops time for an appointment with a professional +10 additional minutes.  The more you practice this the better you will get. On Sundays for church our church is 10 minutes away we always add extra time for kiddo drop off, at least 20 minutes. That way we can talk to people and get a seat before the music starts. Start your day early, plan your leave time, and if necessary set alarms on your phone so you leave on time, this way you will arrive EARLY!

Ok! So I think we have our bases covered.

Make time for You in the AM!

Make time for Jesus in the AM!

Make time for Food in the AM!

Prep Time for bags and equipment for You, Spouse, and Kids in the PM!

Prep Schedules for You, Spouse, and Kids in the PM!

One last hoorah, Mom, Wife, Sister, Roommate, Dad, whoever you are reading this. The house work can wait when it’s time to run out the door. When it’s time to shower, when it’s time to eat, when it’s time to Glorify God put down your screens, forget about your house work and take care of you. Don’t let your schedule eat you alive, rest, be prepared and plan to be ON TIME … Always!


One thought on “Running late.. Always?

  1. Greg Amidon

    Amye, this is such a great topic and good words for men and women. The practice of showing up late is so common that it’s easily excused, but it’s also really disrespectful to those you’re meeting with. You are essentially saying that that person’s time is less important than the reason you were late (which is, if we’re honest, due to laziness or lack of preparation). One cool thing that I’ve experienced in the last year is taking a train to work. It’s a great motivator to be on time as it won’t wait. I think we’d all be a lot more prompt if more things were like the train.


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