Darlin’ Listen : A series of topics for Women to acknowledge the roles they are in.

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I am a very new mom, sometimes that brings failure before success because I am still adapting to change “in the moment.” I feel like I am Mom who’s title includes PRN education. I have learned to be single, married, pregnant and a mom. I’ve gained a lot of new knowledge that I feel compassionate about since I became pregnant for the first time with our Daughter Elaine (D.O.B. 4/25/2012). I knew little about children and development yet I didn’t give up that my body would let me know what it needed and that my children’s bodies will allow them to tell me what they need. Like most other areas of my life, until it applies to me where I am, I don’t naturally desire to educate myself. I have learned about my body and what it really does every month. What are warning signs that something is wrong and common sense knowledge that has helped me succeed in my adjusted roles. As females I feel like we have 3 “roles.” In each of our roles we are constantly gaining knowledge. Learning is what keeps our minds sharp and not stagnant. Our roles include being a woman, wife, and mom. Please stay tuned over the next few months as I will try to share in my posts with you the following information…

As women who believe in Jesus Christ, our first obligation is Love. I believe God wants us to take care of and love our bodies. If we get to busy and we aren’t treating out bodies well, loving others will become taxing on our physical bodies. I want to cover a variety of topics including Sex Education a review of how God created our bodies to cycle, common types of Cancer in women and how to do a self breast examination, Diet and how I am a big advocate for portion control lastly, Hydration how important is water for women especially breastfeeding mommies.

As wives of earthly husbands or if single our heavenly spouse the Lord Jesus, our focus should be submissiveness and obedience. Without our normal To Do’s lists how do we switch gears in order to maintain an Authentic relationship with our Spouse. My posts will be focusing on Love and Respect, 4 Love Languages and the 30 Day Encourage your Spouse Challenge. If I still have the momentum I may add a fifth segment on My personal battles with disrespecting Pete, not loving on him in the way he is designed to receive love and my praise for the success I have had when participating in parts of the 30 Day Challenge.

As Mothers of angel babies and/or of any aged living child(ren), as SAHMs (stay at home moms) and Working moms how our life focus shifts and we becomes selfless, how we now naturally care for life. I want to emphasize the importance of Worshiping our Creator and not the Created (even if a creation’s life was short it is still easy to dwell on the loss of life, and just as easy we can dwell in our admiration for new living life.) I want to attempt a segment on Empathy and Gladness. I want to use the Bible as my main point of view for how we are to grieve and rejoice together always. And that there are seasons for both, dwelling in the land of one and not the other is not what we are called to do.

As Homeopathic/Organic caregivers and housekeepers, How to go green and feel good about Being a modern day Hippie.

Phase 2 As Mothers, as Pregnant women through being brand New Mommies to newborns I will attached Resources that have helped me not be as overwhelmed. You will probably be handed a textbook sized information guide What to expect when you’re Expecting, I would keep it on hand but don’t feel the need to read it cover to cover in order to be a great mom. Also, How to accept unsolicited advise from just about everyone around you and then choose the right path for you and your family.

As I said before,  Please stay tuned over the next few months as I will try to share in my posts with you my heart about being a Woman.


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