I finally began…

Tea ~ Citrus Soother

For years I’ve felt like I was waiting to feel this urge to start connecting with GOD daily. Since moving to Saint Peters from Chicago I have noticed a natural increase in my prayer “connectivity” with GOD. I have felt emotionally drawn to learn HIS heart and HIS will. Today I prayed for time, time to be with HIM in the word and that my daughter would take a good nap so that I wouldn’t be distracted by my role as mom. She didn’t wake, she didn’t stir and she didn’t distract. For 2 full hours I dug in to my BE Dynamic book written by Warren W. Wiersbe, and I felt like a sponge. I know that everyday is day to learn, I think I may try to read what I read again tomorrow and see what I get out of it differently.

All this to say, don’t be discouraged dear friends if you intentions haven’t panned out. My question to you is why not? Why have they not panned out? Why do you have time for the TV and your Phone but you make choices that don’t allow you to learn about the ONE who loves you. Here is an insert from my book today that stretched me. Pray along side me  for the wisdom to know when to shut off your screens and the self will to act on your good intentions.

“Prayer is not an escape from responsibility; it is our response to God’s ability. True prayer energizes us for service and battle.” (p.61, Ch4, {Persecution, Prayer, and Power Acts 4:5-31})

“”Pray as though everything depends on God, and work as though everything depended on you.”” (p. 69)-Augustine

“Boldness in prayer is the result of faithfulness in life and service. The sovereignty of God is not an abstract doctrine that we accept and defend. It is a living truth that we act on and depend on for every need.” (p.70) 

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About Amy Arentson

I am a a disciple of Jesus Christ, Wife to Peter, Mother to Elaine, Daughter of Marc and Julie (Bruce and Joanne), Sister to Susan (Emily & Dave, Michael), Dog Owner of Maui and Annie. I have been a licensed Cosmetologist since November 2007. We currently live in Saint Peters, Missouri. We attend Calvary Church in Saint Charles.

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